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Mógil has had some great reviews and here are a few quotes:

"Other good times included the spindly chamber-folk tensions of Mógil!"
Rolling Stone senior writer David Fricke

"The music floats in a gauzy haze with the vocals delivered in a rich,soprano that has a folk-­based earthiness, contrasting with the very contemporary accompaniment. This not only gives the music a healthy tension but also a timeless feel."
The New York City Jazz record - NYC

"The best Belgian release at the moment"
Humo - Belgium

"Zusammen spielte das Quartett eine verzaubernde Musik"
Christoph Giese, Reykjavík Jazz festival

"Music for a new Iceland,  Borderless genius"
MBL - Iceland

"I recommend Ró for listeners that are interested in looking beyond the horizon"
Folk Rodels - Belgium

"Music that touches the soul"
The silent ballet - NYC

"Ró sounds warm and adventurus"
De Morgen - Belgium

"The music is intelligent and creative, highly recommended!"
Psychedelic folk - NYC

"Ró is exquisite from the beginning to the end"
Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery - NYC

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